Additional Services

Port Health  

Port health deals with any medical issues of incoming and outgoing passengers, on lookers of arriving passengers and departing passengers and also the staff of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Port health has the authority to stop anyone who has a contagious sickness from entering the country. While Port Health has no ambulance of its own, in cases of emergency the GDF (which has a base a few yards away) ambulance is used.

Declaration of Health

Declaration and seat number or function of persons on board with illnesses other than airsickness or the effects, who may be suffering from a communicable disease (a fever – temperature 38° C/100°F or greater- associated with one or more of the following signs or symptoms, e.g. appearing obviously unwell; persistent coughing; impaired  breathing; persistent diarrhea; persistent vomiting; skin rash; bruising or bleeding without previous injury; or confusion of recent onset, increases the likelihood that the person is suffering a communicable disease) as such cases of illness disembarked during a previous stop.

Customer Service Representatives

CSRs are here to help you!

Established in September of 2013, the Customer Service department aims to bridge the gap between passengers and the airport authorities. 

These CSRs strive to give both incoming and outgoing passengers the ‘WOW’ experience, trying to make each passenger encounter at CJIA far from just ordinary.

Standing more or less as an information guide in the arrival area but first the CSRs can be seen out on the walk way welcoming passengers to this beautiful land of ours. The CSRs can assist you with any question you may have upon arrival at CJIA. They liaise on with the immigration and customs officers and in extreme circumstances if the need arises they will assist you in filling your immigration form or finding your luggage. They find joy in seeing passengers have a seamless trip through the airport before greeting their love ones.

The CSRs are also in departure area daily. You can see the excitement in the faces of these three young ladies as they prepare to leave the office and go have a one on one with passengers. Some time is spent making-up their faces and ensuring they look outstanding before going to interact with passengers. Once in departure area, time is spent in the check-in area and at the screening point to ensure all goes smoothly before proceeding to the departure lounge. Much joy comes from meeting new persons daily and getting feedback from passengers about their experience. Like any other job they have their challenges on the ground with passengers who they work around with their skill and expertise in customer service.

When there are no flights the CSRs do inspection among other things. They basically try to fix anything out of the ordinary.


Prayer Room

The Prayer Room was commissioned on September 22, 2003 where Muslims can now honour their religious obligations. Followers of Islam must offer prayers five times daily, which is difficult in certain situations.

The Room is located in the Immigration Area of the airport.