Any passenger, who is a holder of a valid foreign driver’s license will be allowed to drive in Guyana for a period of 60 days after entry into Guyana. This is in accordance with the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (The Use of Foreign Issued Driver’s License in Guyana) Regulations 2022.

Requirements for driving with a foreign license:

  • Must be the holder of a valid driver’s license issued by a competent authority in the country of residence.
  • Must have documents (such as a passport) that show the date of entry into Guyana.
  • After 60 days, a person must apply for a Foreign Driver’s Permit to continue driving on the roadways.

The permit can be uplifted from the Customs office to the right of the baggage claim area in arrivals. You will be required to provide a valid driver’s license and complete the application form to submit to the customs officer. The permit costs GYD$2,000

 To obtain the permit, a visitor must do the following:

  • Provide the Licensing Officer with a valid Driver’s Licence (from their country of origin).
  • Provide details of their local address while in Guyana.
  • Answer any question that the Officer may have in relation to his/her stay in Guyana and reason for requiring the permit.

 Important to note:

  • A Drivers’ permit is valid for one (1) month.
  • Foreign nationals who are desirous of driving in Guyana must obtain a Drivers’ Permit, after 60 days of arrival in Guyana and are required to make the application in person.
  • If you are unable to obtain your Driver’s Permit at CJIA, kindly visit the Excise Licensing and Motor Vehicle Registration Office (known as the Licence Revenue Office) located at Camp Street, Georgetown to process your request for a Driver’s Permit.