A cargo agent is appointed by an airline or shipping line to solicit and process international air and ocean freight for shipment. 


Amerijet International, Inc. provides all cargo transportation services to more than 550 destinations worldwide. The domestic and international clientele ranges from individuals to emerging businesses to Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries. Amerijet delivers worldwide seamless transportation by land, sea and air.

Tel: +592 261-2271
Contact: Tasha Ceres MD
Email: admintotalaircargo@gmail.com


Consolidated Cargo and Aviation Services Inc., also known as CAMEX, has been providing cargo handling services for 21 years. These services include all outbound and inbound cargo, such as human remains, personal effects, live animals, perishables, high value and ramp handling services.

Tel: +592 261-3070
Contact: Terrence Campbell
Email: comscargo_geo@yahoo.com consolidatedcargosvs@gmail.com


Laparkan Airways is an IATA registered cargo airline operating three flights per week, transporting small packages to full charter loads with strategic locations in New York, Miami, Canada and the Caribbean. This service also handles perishables, personal effects and industrial equipment. Customers can choose from a range of complementary service airport to airport; regular air cargo or courier/express.

For more information, please contact:
Tel: +592 261-2729
Contact: Quincy Tucker
Email: guyairways@laparkan.com CARGO AGENTS