Airport Custodian (Cleaner)


Responsible for ensuring the general upkeep of the airport facilities, equipment, and environment.


  • Clean all facilities, environments, and equipment, including glass windows and walls, using a variety of cleaning methods (sweeping, mopping, scrubbing).
  • Litter & garbage removal from the Airport Environs
  • Wash and disinfect all washroom floors, toilets, toilet seats, sinks, and all other fixtures.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas, inclusive of offices, as needed or as scheduled
  • Refills paper towels, tissue, toilet paper, and hand soap in all dispensers
  • Ensure that the washroom odor is always pleasing Maintain storage areas and cleaning equipment, materials, and supplies in a safe and orderly manner
  • Ensure the disposal of cleaning water/residues is done in keeping with given directives
  • Report the presence of vermin or insects, water leaks, and other maintenance needs
  • Utilize specialized cleaning equipment (floor polishers, buffers, and scrubbers)


  • Must be in good health and able-bodied
  • Applicants must be able to read and write well and possess a good command of the English Language.
  • Must be able to work based on a shift system (weekends/holidays) and flexible hours.
  • Must have a cheerful, energetic personality and customer service oriented.

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Vince Vanhoyte

An Information Technology Consultant and a Web Developer based in the Caribbean

Previous Electrical Engineer