Electrical Engineer


We seek a top-notch Electrical Engineer to join our team at CJIA. You will provide technical expertise for all electrical systems and projects, ensuring the smooth operation of the airport.


  • Be the guardian of electrical safety and efficiency—you will ensure that all designs, installations, and maintenance work meet the highest international standards.
  • Develop and enforce clear guidelines for electrical projects, keeping everything up to code.
  • Keep our electrical systems running like clockwork. You will monitor maintenance schedules, identify areas for improvement, and ensure everything is in order.
  • Be a leader and problem-solver – you will develop electrical department policies, programs, and procedures, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • From project estimates to tender documents, you’ll be involved in the entire project lifecycle, ensuring everything is cost-effective and meets our needs.
  • Be our resident inspector – you’ll ensure completed electrical work meets our high standards through testing and inspections.
  • Embrace the dynamic airport environment—you’ll be ready to tackle any electrical challenge.


  • A degree in Electrical Engineering with a thirst for lifelong learning (think relevant engineering courses). A seasoned professional with at least eight years of electrical engineering experience, preferably with leadership experience.
  • A champion for renewable energy technologies – you understand their potential and are excited to integrate them.
  • A project management pro – you can handle everything from planning to execution.
  • A detail-oriented problem-solver with top-notch computer skills.
  • A critical thinker with independent judgment.A team player who can adapt to a flexible work schedule.

Ready to take on this electrifying challenge? Apply today!

Vince Vanhoyte

An Information Technology Consultant and a Web Developer based in the Caribbean

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