Provide transportation services to CJIAC to meet daily transportation needs. Drivers are required to operate a range of vehicles to meet transportation demands.


  • Provision of staff transportation and transportation as required for other activities.
  • Provision of transportation requirements for expediting duties.
  • Accountability for vehicles, tools, spares, and other assets while under care and supervision.
  • Cleaning of the vehicle after shift/use. Ensuring the vehicle is refueled appropriately.
  • Must be professional and courteous and demonstrate good stewardship of resources and customer care.
  • Must be able to complete vehicle checklists and prepare any reports as necessary.


  • A sound secondary education.
  • Valid Guyana driver’s license for car, van, and bus.
  • Must be able to drive manual and automatic transmission vehicles.
  • Must have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in driving. Must be able-bodied.

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Vince Vanhoyte

An Information Technology Consultant and a Web Developer based in the Caribbean

Previous Aviation Security Officer