COVID-19 Guidelines    

COVID-19 Guidelines

Guidelines for travelling to Guyana

Requirements for Entry into Guyana as of September 30, 2021


• All persons, travelling to Guyana must present a negative RT-PCR COVID 19 test within 7 days, prior to entering the country

• Incoming passengers whose RT-PCR COVID-19 test results exceeds 72 hours from the date it was taken, are required to have a repeat RT-PCR test upon arrival to Guyana.

• Children under two years old do not require a PCR test

Please note that the following results will not be accepted for travel to Guyana

• Antibody test
• Rapid Antigen test
• Rapid PCR
• Rapid test using Saliva Sample
• Home test Kits

COVID 19 recovered persons can continue to test positive for COVID 19 and are
not considered to be infectious. They can be allowed entry into Guyana upon
presentation of a certificate of clearance and a recent PCR test within less than 7 days.

Passengers, who need to be retested will bore the financial cost at the testing facility located at the airport.

In all cases, if testing is done on arrival for any reason, the following shall apply:

• All persons must provide a valid local telephone number verifiable by Port Health.

• All persons must remain in quarantine until they receive their results.

• A passenger testing positive for COVID-19 shall comply with Ministry of Health’s measures for isolation.

The Ministry of Health reserves the right to require testing of any person regardless of documentation presented or any other requirement, obligation or condition associated with their assigned risk category.


• All persons travelling to Guyana, 18 years and over must be vaccinated against COVID 19 before arrival to Guyana

• Passengers are required to present their vaccination card bearing their names, name of vaccine, date vaccine was given and batch# from an accredited health facility

• Travelers with mixed vaccination regimen are considered vaccinated.

“Vaccinated” means receiving at least one dose of the following COVID 19 vaccines: (a) Oxford-Astra Zeneca
(b) Sputnik V (c) Sinopharm (d) Sinovac
(e) Pfizer-BioNTec

(f) Moderna

(g) Jansen COVID-19 Vaccine

Other vaccines include but are not limited to the following


(ii) Abdala; Soberana 1, 2, Plus; Mambisa

Vaccination exemptions shall be applicable for the following reason-

• Passengers, who are advised against being vaccinated for medical reasons must present a “Letter of Exemption” from a licensed medical practitioner.

Arriving Passengers

• All incoming passengers must undergo a temperature check by the Port health

• Passengers who record a temperature above 37.5C (99.5F) or who appear ill and/or display some symptoms of COVID-19 shall be further evaluated by Port Health

• Passengers who tests were taken within 72 hours prior to arrival in Guyana and if asymptomatic and are vaccinated against COVID 19, will be permitted to leave the Airport after being granted clearance by Immigration and Customs Officials