Additional Services


Port Health

Port health deals with any medical issues of incoming and outgoing passengers, on lookers of arriving passengers and departing passengers and also the staff of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Port health has the authority to stop anyone who has a contagious sickness from entering the country. While Port Health has no ambulance of its own, in cases of emergency the GDF (which has a base a few yards away) ambulance is used.

Declaration of Health

Declaration and seat number or function of persons on board with illnesses other than airsickness or the effects, who may be suffering from a communicable disease (a fever – temperature 38° C/100°F or greater- associated with one or more of the following signs or symptoms, e.g. appearing obviously unwell; persistent coughing; impaired breathing; persistent diarrhea; persistent vomiting; skin rash; bruising or bleeding without previous injury; or confusion of recent onset, increases the likelihood that the person is suffering a communicable disease) as such cases of illness disembarked during a previous stop.