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Rama Krishna Primary kicks off CJIA’s tour season

Forty students from Rama Krishna Primary, accompanied by teachers and parents, toured Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation (CJIAC) terminal building yesterday, February 4, 2016 kick-starting a hectic touring season.

Currently, management has been inundated with requests from schools from all the Regions, and it is predicted that over 3,000 students will have the opportunity to observe the airport’s operations.    

The Customer Service Representatives conduct the tours.  




Molding young minds: CJIA school tours begin

Over two hundred students from the North Georgetown Primary School were given a grand tour of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) terminal building and aircraft museum on February 12 – kickstarting a busy tour season at the Timehri facility.

During the next six weeks, 20 plus schools – nursery, primary and secondary – have booked slots to visit the country’s main port of entry which processes close to 600,000 passengers last year.

The tours are being facilitated by the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).

While the highlight of the tour is the DC-3 Museum, a fully outfitted 30-seater aircraft, students are given the opportunity to see the operations in Arrivals and the Check-In Halls.

Students are also quizzed on their knowledge of the airport and the aviation sector.

“It is something that we are trying to mold their young minds. Aviation is an exciting field and we want these students to realize that,” Aneka Edwards, CJIA’s Public Relations Officer said.

To this end, a five minute feature is in production to show students some of the exciting career choices CJIA has to offer.  

Additionally, brochures of the DC-3 are distributed to teachers, parents and students. 


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Two of the students in the DC-3's cockpit.


Over 1,000 students tour CJIA in May

Over 1,000 students were able to get a glimpse into the fascinating world of aviation and its operations at CJIA during the month of May.

The students were accompanied by teachers and parents.

The highlight of the tours for the nursery and primary school students was the DC-3 Museum– a fully outfitted 30-seater aircraft.

The DC-3 soared to the skies in December 1953. In all, 16,079 were manufactured with approximately 200 still used in commercial operations in 2009.

Besides that, tours are also given to the Terminal Building which included the Immigration Arrivals; Customs Arrivals; Baggage Conveyor Belts; Check in Hall and the Viewing Gallery.  

The Airport’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), Duty Officers (ADOs) and Aviation Security Officers (ASOs) facilitated the informative tours.

Schools that toured the airport included Pine Street Nursery; North Georgetown Primary; Port Kaituma Primary; Saraswat Primary; Helena Nursery; Ituni Nursery; Dekinderen Nursery; Zeelandia Primary; MalgreTout Primary; Leeds Primary; Tain Primary and Enmore Newtown Nursery.


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