1. Where is the Departure Tax paid?
Departure Tax is paid at the booth in the right hand corner of the check-in area.

2. How much is the Departure Tax?
The Departure Tax is $4000 GYD, 20 USD.

3. From what age do children pay the Departure Tax?
Children seven (7) years of age and over are required to pay departure tax.

4. I would like information about hotels and sites to visit, where can I go?
Tourist information is available in the form of brochures on the racks in the immigration area upon arrival or at to the right of the departure lounge.

5. Where can I purchase a phone card?
Phone cards are available at the Digicel dealer store to left hand corner when you exit the customs area which is at the right in the arrival area. You can also get phone cards at the Lotus restaurant.

6. Where can I get a taxi?
You can get an authorized taxi CJIA taxi in the arrival area. The fares to various destinations are on the wall before you exit the customs area.

7. Where can I get information about arriving passengers?
Kindly liaise with the airline duty officers or the Customer Service representatives to acquire passenger information. 

8. Where are the trolleys and porters located?
Trolleys can be found to the left of the customs area and they are used for free but you cannot leave the customs area with them. The porters commonly referred to as ‘Red Caps’ usually identified by a red top and red cap are located at the back of the customs area and at departure drop off area.

9. Where can I get a driver’s permit and what do I need to qualify for one?

Temporary driver’s permits (license) are uplifted at the left of the customs area from a customs officer. One must have a valid driver’s license from his/her native country and will be required to fill a simple form.    

10. Is there anywhere that I can change money at the airport?

A cambio is expected to come onboard soon. Please check our website for updates.